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A visitor searches a directory for a product or service that they will purchase in person.

The customer buys from a member business.

Cash Back
The member business pays WTCB, Inc. a commission for every member purchase, and WTCB, Inc. pays the member and the directory.

WTCB offers a solution that helps directories and merchants increase revenue and customer loyalty.  

The WTCB system is perfect for merchants that generate much of their sales on location or offline.  It is also an excellent way for directories to generate revenue on FREE listings.

The principal has almost 2 decades of business experience in entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, auditing, process improvement, and application & software development.  

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9856 Ashburn Lake Drive, Tampa, FL 33610



Blvd. Don Luis Colosio 11.5, Cancun, Mexico 77500

Phone (US): + 1 813 445 5004 

Phone (Mexico): +52 99-81-89-71-77 

Office: info@wtcbawards.com

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